I would like to get back into drawing. I would be essentially starting from scratch. There are so many fundamentals that I never learned or put time into and it showed in my art at the time. One thing that trips me up is how long should I work on a lesson. I have seen people that say they do studies for 2 week or a month on something they need to get better at. Those people tend to have the fundamentals down and might go back to them as they need to and do a study. One artists video I watched he said the drew about 1,000 hands a day for about 20 days. He was going for 30 and didn’t finish. So I wondering to start out should I try to work on the same lesson for a hour then move on to another lesson? Should I aim for more hours per lesson just to start? Please don’t say do it until it looks good because that’s part of the problem, I’m not sure I can’t trust myself.

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